Atonement (2007)


Atonement (2007)

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  • Val: What did you eat for lunch?
  • Sassy: Dickey's. Can't you smell it on my breath?
  • Val: You ate WHAT for lunch?

Every time somebody asks about my level of fear for this upcoming year, I have to play the “no big deal” card. What they’re reinstating is the Unofficial  North Dakotan Success Scale. I’m in my mid-twenties. I do not have a steady relationship and have never been in a long-term one. I do not have a ring, nor a wedding album or any plans for what I envision when my “big day” arrives. I haven’t bought a house. I have not reproduced.

There is no way to peg me on the UNDSS. This makes people nervous. This makes them want to make me feel nervous. Sometimes late at night, it works.

I dealt with this same pre-departure semi-guilt-trip via morbid curiosity last time.

Pep Talk:

I am scared, but that’s okay. I received my undergraduate degree with high honours. I’ve started my 401K. I made it into a fantastic school abroad, all on my own. I’ll be paying for it out of pocket with money I’ve saved up working at a difficult job. I’m going to meet new people. I’m going to pursue an education in a subject that I have immense passion and respect for, despite many risks. I’m going to be happy. My friends and co-workers are throwing a big going away party for me. Some of them are planning to come visit me.  If I didn’t feel scared, I’d feel bored and all those things on the UNDSS list work perfectly for many, but I’m just not ready for any of those things yet.

I have packing to do.


When Sassy throws a party.

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So I missed out on tickets to see Stephen Fry because North Dakota is 6 hours behind England time and he sold out fast—no surprise.


I do have a ticket to see Ian McEwan speak at UEA. Atonement re-sparked my childhood dream to become a writer. This will be worth the cringe-worthy pre-departure-purchases/plane ticket/new roomier luggage bill on my Visa alone.

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The Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death

Frances Glessner Lee, a millionaire heiress, revolutionized the study of forensics and crime scene investigation. She believed that crimes could be solved by a detailed analysis of visual and material evidence.

She used newspaper reports, and interviews with policemen and morgue workers to create miniture crime scenes(which were extremely detailed) such as suicides, accidental deaths, accidents as homicides and homicide, potentially, as suicides. Of the twenty she made, eighteen have survived and of those eighteen, eleven show violent deaths of women. Everything from the wallpaper to the presence of alcohol and drugs was added to the miniture crime scenes.

This helped investigators train to identify crimes and clues found at crime scenes and left a big mark on the field as we know it today. They were also used in Harvard Associates in Police Science (HAPS) seminars. She called them nutshell cases, a name that was inspired by a detective who told her this:

As the investigator, you must bear in mind that there is a two-fold responsibility—to clear the innocent as well as expose the guilty. Seek only the facts—Find the truth in a Nutshell.


There is a documentary about this on Netflix called Of Dolls and Murder.

I just watched this on Netflix. Super creepy and totally fascinating. I was obsessed with miniatures as a child. This gives a whole new twist to the art. One of the coolest documentaries I’ve ever watched while procrastinating cleaning my room.

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"…for two hundred years, beginning at the end of the eighth century, a series of Viking raids brought desolation…Eventually the small plundering bands became large armies; and in 865 the “Great Army,” in a fleet of three hundred and fifty ships, initiated the large-scale invasions…of East Anglia and Northumbria."


Mary Helen Dohan, Our Own Words

Whaddya know. My adventures abroad have lead me to the exact places where my Viking ancestors once explored. I use the term “explore” loosely. I’m going to  hunt down the best pubs and bookshops whereas the Vikings were a bit more messy about things.


UK Blackboard vs. Minot State’s Blackboard

1) It actually works

2) Includes updates about events at local nightclubs

I’m going for academic reasons, I swear.